How my blog business cards turned out

A while back, I posted a prototype of my blog business card, and asked for comments and suggestions. You all came up with lots of great ideas, and I promised to post a picture of the finished product, so here it is!

I decided to go with the vertical front design and horizontal back. Your suggestions were incorporated by adding white space to the back of the card, and only using the glossy coating on the front. The position of the blog address was also moved so it doesn’t look like a mustache anymore.

Thanks for all of your input! I really appreciate it, and I love the way the cards turned out! Also, a huge thanks to Jason at GorillaSushi, for his patience, design skillz, and willingness to tweak the details until they were just the way I wanted them. (I made him change the color of the hair a couple of times. I’m annoying like that.) If you need something printed, go ask Jason. πŸ™‚

P.S. – And don’t forget to enter our contest to win a free month of advertising on a whole bunch of blogs! It used to be 10 blogs, but now it’s up to 35!

UPDATE: Hey, I just found out my card design was selected as one of the “30 best business cards of August 2008.” Yaay!


18 thoughts on “How my blog business cards turned out

  1. Those look great!! I like how you decided to go vertical, when you think about business cards you always think ordinary horizontal ones. Jason did a great job. Maybe I will have to give him a call when I am ready for some.


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