Coming soon: Wii dumbbells

Wii dumbbells
I still love my Wii, and Wii Fit is my favorite kind of exercise. Yes, I’m that kind of exerciser. You can stop judging me now. LOL

Anyway, my very helpful hubby alerted me to this new Wii accessory, and I had to share it! It’s a clever weighted dumbbell, which attaches to the Wii-mote, so you can add resistance to your Wii workouts. Dubbed the “riiflex,” it’s not in stores yet, but is available for pre-order, in 2 and 5 pound sizes.

Looks like another interesting Wii-novation! But I’m not sure a Wii workout will be as much fun if the accessories actually start to look and feel like gym equipment. The thing I like best about Wii Fit is that it feels more like a game than real exercise. Seriously, exercise that feels like exercise just isn’t as enjoyable for me. Am I right? What do you think?

Prototype shown may not reflect final product design.

Tedde: Smarter than the Average Bear

I’ve been meaning to post a review of this for months, but we moved, and the holidays, and… Well, you know all the excuses.

Anyway, the nice people at Tedde sent me this cute little guy, named Scare Bear! Grrrrr! I love this guy! He has a cute, snuggly side, and a toothy, trouble-loving side. He reminds me of my kids…

Unlike the common teddy bear, each Tedde is an individual: hand-crafted with love and made of high quality textiles such as mohair, handspun yarn, natural wool, linen, canvas, cotton, and cashmere. And with the tag line “Full of Love, and a Little Gas”, Tedde wants customers to know that these bears are not only stuffed with recycled materials, but they’re also stuffed with personality and sometimes, mischief. Among this year’s lineup of Teddes is Flat Frank, Headless Ted, Herman (a hot pink furry fellow with a British accent and a thing for water polo), Tiny Teddes (miniature versions of the Tedde), felt Tedde hearts (only two bucks each!) and an assortment of Tedde food including a plush hot dog. That’s right: a stuffed wiener to cuddle up with!

The Tedde geniuses (that’s what they’re called) are out to rid the world of clone bears and give plush some personality, and I think it’s working. In the world of toys, Tedde bears are outsiders. They’re smarter than the average bear, perhaps less attractive in the facial-symmetry sense, have eclectic hobbies, enjoy Monty Python movies, and sport a wicked sense of humor… Okay, I’m making that up, but hooray for handmade personality! Boo to phony factory fluff!

If you’re in the market for a new little friend, you should take a look at the Tedde shop. Bears run from $20 to $75 or so, and smaller handmade accessories and Puffy Hearts (perfect for Valentine’s Day!) start at $1.99.

I received a free Scare Bear to review for this post. I did not receive any additional compensation. 🙂


I snapped this photo of a cheeky little squirrel on my back patio last week. He and his buddies are cute, but they have taken down and emptied my bird feeder.

I’m tempted to develop a Ninja Warrior type squirrel obstacle course with a zipline, jump-hang, and wobbly bridge, to make the little guys work for their nut and seed treats! If I’m going to feed them, the least they can do is entertain me for a few minutes, right? Coming soon to G4: Squirrel Warrior?

Got Mom-goo and kid-poo? Chuck to the rescue!

I wrote a post a while back, on the gag-inducing topic of my kids getting sick, and my willingness to sacrifice my own cleanliness to protect the carpet and sofa. Because, you know, it’s easier to wash my chest, face, and shirt, than to clean the furniture. Hubby calls me “the vomit magnet.” You get the idea…

Well, I’ve been reconnecting with old friends on Facebook lately, and I found out that one of them (her name is Heather too, and we lived in the same dorm during our first year of college) has a brilliant new product for parents. Heather and her sisters came up with a fresh new take on the barf bag. It’s called Chuck the Yuck, as in “Keep the kids. Chuck the yuck.

It’s watertight, big enough for adults to “use” (morning sickness, motion sickness, etc.), holds blown-out diapers and other yucky stuff, and it’s cute!

Got details?

  • Chuck the Yuck bags are 9.25″ (high) X 5″ (wide) X 3″ (deep).
  • They are larger than most sickness bags to allow for adult usage.
  • They are also water tight and have a seal with a twist closure that is centered in the top middle section of the bag to allow for fold-over and secure closing.
  • Chuck the Yuck bags come in packages of 3 for $4.99.

So if you’re still in the yuck stage of pregnancy or parenting, you might give these bags a try. Just make sure you don’t confuse Chuck the Yuck with your sack lunch. Cheers!

I love it when crafts get geeky

Happy New Year, everybody! I’m still digging through boxes. Has anyone seen the one labeled “lamp shades?”

In other news, here’s a link I found a while back (October, 2008), but never got around to sharing. It’s a Dream Captcha, by Jeffrey Augustine Songco, and I think it’s brilliant!

Not only does it look awesome, but the artist put some real thought into the design and materials he used. For example, if you look closely, you’ll see the feathery dangles are made from web-ish grid-like tulle. Web, Internet, get it? The artist explains the meaning of the Dream Captcha like this:

The original idea of a dreamcatcher is an object to protect sleeping children from nightmares. And you can argue that one use of Captcha is to protect a website’s identity. Therefore, a main expression of the work is obviously protection.

Jeff did make a limited run of 23 Dream Captcha pieces, but I’ll bet they were all purchased pretty quickly. [Edited a couple hours later: I just got an e-mail from Jeff and he still has some Captchas left for $100 each! Yaay!] If you’re interested in his work, check out his portfolio. Cheers!