A moment of mental rest

Even a die-hard tech-head needs a break sometimes. I happened upon this beautiful photo by Ilikethenight, and I wanted to share it. Please click on the photo to view it in full, because the green is so lush and green and cool. It makes me want to lie down right in the grass, look up at the sky, and hide there for a few minutes of peace. It’s such the opposite of where most of us sit all day, every day. Do yourself a favor and take a deep breath. 🙂

tall grass at twilight

Okay, now get back to work. Cheers!

Warning: This Leekspin Will Get Stuck in Your Head

Somehow, I’ve escaped this meme for the last few years, but I saw it tonight on Attack of the Show (G4 network). Now it’s stuck in my head, and I wanted to share the madness — I mean, FUN! Big fun!

It’s a catchy Finnish polka tune (“Ievan polkka,” performed by Loituma), and a looping animation of Inoue from Bleach, spinning a leek. Yes, a leek, the thing that looks like a huge green onion. So, anime plus Finnish polka plus leek equals… Awesome! Enjoy!

Brick-inspired gadgets in the works from Lego!

Lego digital cameraThis looks like something my kids will be asking for once they hit stores! It’s a Lego branded digital camera, designed after the colorful, iconic bricks that everybody loves. It’s just a prototype, but is just one product in a line of digital products in the works. Other products will include a walkie-talkie and camcorder, and will be produced by Digital Blue.

The camera is not actually built from Lego bricks, so kids won’t be able to take it apart, I guess. It would be cool if the bottom had a functional Lego texture, though, so we could customize the design a bit. It would be fun to add wheels to the Lego camcorder and take it for a roll, or build your own Lego tripod, etc.

Seen at Engadget