Enter to win a free month of online games

Club Pogo screencap

Greetings, geeklings! 🙂 I’ve been a member of Club Pogo for quite a few months now, and I recently made the acquaintance of a fellow Twilight fan on Twitter, who happens to work for Pogo. We did a fun little goodie exchange, and I sent her a Twilight shirt from Bella Twilight Shop. She surprised me with two cards for a free month of membership at Club Pogo!

Since I’m already a Club Pogo subscriber, I decided to share the fun and offer these two cards to you, my fabulous blog friends! Here’s how to enter the drawing:

Write something kind (it doesn’t have to be long or poetic) about my new Bella Twilight Shop (link to: http://bellatwilightshop.com). You might remember that I am a Twilight fanatic, and I design and make Bella’s Bracelet and other Twilight jewelry. I recently moved the shop from GeekMomMashup to its own domain, and I’d like your help in getting the word out.

Bella Twilight Shop small logo

Once you’ve posted a link to Bella Twilight Shop somewhere (on your blog, MySpace profile, StumbleUpon or other site), come back here and leave a comment with the location of the link. I’ll check your post and put your name in the hat. I’ll draw, notify, and announce two winners on or around June 15. If you win, I’ll e-mail you for your mailing address to send you the Club Pogo one month free membership card.

That’s it! Oh, if you aren’t familiar with Club Pogo, it’s the ad-free version of Pogo, with extra games and membership-only features. Check out the free version at Pogo.com.

Send your favorite MOM a personalized video award!

mother of the year video

I’ve been awarded Mother of the Year! It must be true, because I saw it on the internet… Well, okay. I’m not really that great of a mother. How bad is it that my idea of a nice Mother’s Day would be to spend it alone, without my kids? (I’m half-serious.)

Okay, that sounds terrible. But before you judge me, I dare you to walk a mile in my flip flops, wearing my baggy “yoga pants” (mom code for “it’s too hot for sweatpants, but I have to cover up my unshaven legs”), a faded and spit-up stained maternity shirt (even though you haven’t been pregnant in years), and bad bed head, with three kids pulling on your collar and hanging onto your arms and repeating an unsynchronized and dissonant chorus of “mom mom mom” in your ears until you can’t hear yourself think… Whoa! Deep breaths.

I know I’m not the only one out there who could stand a little quiet time.

One of my real Supermom friends sent me a link to a personalized Mother of the Year video, and I had to share it with my fellow moms, geeks, and everybody out there who has a mom. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there, Super and less-than-super. Someday, we’ll miss the “mom mom mom” noise, and all the other messy, fun, unpredictable stuff that comes with motherhood. And just for the record, I love my kids more than life. I’d just like to have the bathroom to myself for a few minutes. 🙂

Happy Star Wars Day!! May the Fourth be with you!

This is my kind of holiday, because it combines Star Wars and a pun. The whole point of celebrating Star Wars Day is that you get to repeat this greeting as many times as possible: May the Fourth be with you! Get it? Today is May 4, 2009. May the Fourth! The only thing that would make this a better holiday would be the exchange of chocolate, and Feats of Strength.

Click this image for a larger view.
fanmade Star Wars series poster

No, I didn’t make this awesome Star Wars poster. I found it here: My[confined]Space

Tech-loving Moms: Enter to Win a $5000 Tech Makeover

HP Moms for Simplicity tech makeover

I know I’m not the only geeky mom out there, and now there’s proof! HP has teamed with Olympic champion swimmer Dara Torres in the Moms for Simplicity project.

It’s an opportunity to submit a short essay to the Moms for Simplicity site, have your photo included in the Moms for Simplicity mosaic, and a chance to win one of three grand prize $5000 technology makeover packages. I love my MacBook and iPod, but I sure wouldn’t turn down $5000 worth of tech and gadgets, even if it’s not from Apple, would you?! Plus, the winners will get to meet swimming Supermom Dara Torres!

If you’re interested in entering the essay contest or just want to see the photo mosaic, visit HP Dara Torres Moms for Simplicity and check it out. Share your story about how technology helps you simplify your life, or just read what some other busy moms are saying. Cheers!