Got my dream phone! iPhone is awesome!

iPhone 3GS

A couple of days ago, my hubby came home, handed me a box, and said “Happy birthday and Merry Christmas.” Then he handed me a matching box and said, “Now give me that one and say the same thing.” I did, and then we opened the boxes and found…

New, sleek and shiny iPhones!! One for each of us!

I’ve been wishing and hoping and waiting for an iPhone since they came out several years ago. And now that I finally have one, I must say that it was worth the wait. It’s just as super as I’d heard it would be. The interface is sleek and easy, the apps are useful and entertaining, and I look more beautiful, smell prettier, and have gained a few IQ points… Well, you get the idea. 🙂

Naturally, I’m excited about loading up my iPhone with lots of music, videos, family photos, and fun apps. I mean, 16 GB will hold everything I want, right? Yeah, sure. I know it’ll be full to capacity before I know it. So I’m trying to choose judiciously among all of the media available.

Here’s what I loaded on first, in case you’re curious. I wonder what these things reveal about me? Maybe I’d better not think about that…

  • Facebook (essential for keeping in touch with my family and friends)
  • Tweetie (a Twitter app)
  • Google mobile (tasks, calendar, reader, etc.)
  • iheart radio (so I can listen to local KBCO on the go)
  • E! Online (to keep up with my Twilight and other entertainment obsessions)
  • Scramble (word game) and StoneLoops! (bubble popping game)
  • Mafia Wars (got hooked via Facebook)
  • Ambiance (rain, waves, and other soothing sounds)
  • Super Mario Bros ringtone (old-school geek awesome!!)
  • Night at the Museum (full length movie in my pocket!)
  • One episode of Phineas and Ferb (for the kids)
  • Scriptures, personal photos, and some of my favorite tunes to keep me sane

I also went out and got a hard case and a screen film, to keep my pretty phone safe. Do you have an iPhone? What are your favorite apps or most essential iPhone utilities? Tell me what else I should add to my phone! 🙂

One Ring… Not THAT ring. Google Voice.

Okay, I know nobody really needs or wants another number to remember. What with all of the account numbers, passwords, PINs, phones, birthdates, and other things stuffed into my mom-fog geek brain, I can’t even shake my head without digits falling out of my ears!

Actually, I was once leaving a phone message for an acquaintance, and when it was time to leave my number for a call back, I forgot it! I forgot my own phone number and had to look it up and call back to leave it in a subsequent message. True story.

Anyway, I signed up for Google Voice a long, long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away…) when it was still in beta testing. A couple of days ago, I finally received my invitation to join, and now I have another number to remember. But this one is cooler than my normal phone numbers.

Basically, Google Voice is a way to manage all of your phone lines through a single number. So if you want people to be able to reach you at all times, you can give out your Google Voice number and have it ring (one ring, get it? haha) all of your other phones at once.

You can receive voicemail, which is automatically transcribed so you can check it like e-mail. You can group your contacts and have their calls routed differently, and record custom messages for different contacts. I’m still getting familiar with the features, so if you really want all of the details, go read about it.

One especially appealing feature of Google Voice is that it’s FREE. The only thing that costs money is using the service to make international calls. Oh, and you can search for your number by area code or letter combination. I got a number that’s easy to remember by making the last 5 digits spell BELLA. Nifty, right?

What do you think? Would you use a universal number with Google Voice? Do you already have one? Or does it sound like just another number to forget? 🙂