Meet our new geek pet…

We have three kids, among whom allergies to all common household pets are represented. Aside from the allergy problems, we like the idea of having a pet, but not the idea of cleaning up after another little critter.

So last week, I made a brilliant decision 🙂 and brought home the perfect pet for our family. Drum roll, please…

Meet our new iRobot Dirt Dog sweeper! It’s furless, doesn’t eat or poop, and cleans up after the humans in our home! Show me a real pup that does all that!

It works pretty well so far. We picked up the toys, socks, and LEGO pieces, got the loose cords off the floor, charged it up and pushed the button. Vroom vroom! Off it went, circling around, criss-crossing the room, navigating around table legs and fearlessly plowing under the couch. Amazing!

It ran for about an hour and then gave a little whistle to let us know it was finished. I didn’t expect it to do as good a job as it did. If we hadn’t been so excited to see the Dirt Dog in action, I would have thought to take before and after photos.

Anyway, I’m thoroughly pleased with our little pet. Now all we need is a good name. Let me know what you come up with. 🙂