Star Wars + LEGO = Perfect Timepiece

LEGO Star Wars watch kit

LEGO Star Wars watch kit

I love shopping at Target, and I go there at least once a week for groceries. The grocery shopping is not really enjoyable, but what makes the outing enjoyable is browsing the other departments. My favorites are the dollar bins, seasonal decorations, and TOYS!

When the kids are with me, we always cruise through the LEGO aisle. I love those cute little bricks, because they are versatile, timeless, durable, and don’t require batteries. They run on brainpower and imagination! Brilliant! Okay, there is a down side to LEGO, and you know what I mean if you’ve ever stepped on one with bare feet in the dark.

But check out this awesome find! It’s a LEGO watch kit, with a working timepiece, and it’s STAR WARS!! There were several designs to choose from, including this Darth Vader one. The box includes the watch itself, links to make a custom-sized wrist band, an action figure (Darth and Luke even have light sabers), and a few extra pieces for good measure.

I loved them so much, I got one of each design! One for me, and one for each of the kids. I think I’ll be going back for more, to keep on hand for gift occasions and such. The parts are interchangeable (duh, it’s LEGO!) so the kids have enjoyed swapping links to make their watches unique and colorful. I forgot to get the price in the photo, but I think each kit was about $5.99. What a deal! 🙂


Mike Rowe is one dirty TV host

Mike Rowe makes filth look good

Mike Rowe makes filth look good

I’ve been watching the Discovery Channel today, and there happens to be a marathon of one of my favorite programs: Dirty Jobs! The host of Dirty Jobs is Mike Rowe, who hosts, narrates, and/or appears in more programs and commercials than Ryan Seacrest. I love Mike Rowe!

Mike was once an opera singer, and now he travels all over the US, showcasing hard-working people whose jobs are filthy, smelly, and/or disgusting. He puts his hands (and sometimes his whole body) into some nasty stuff, such as slime eels, port-a-potties, rotting animals, coal hoppers, and all manner of feces! And he does it with a quick wit and a good sport attitude that makes it enjoyable to watch. I don’t know many people who can throw up on TV, and manage to smile afterwards. And did I mention he’s quite handsome? Yes, he is. 🙂

Here’s a clip from Dirty Jobs, in case you haven’t seen it yet. There’s a new season coming up, so set your DVR! Love ya, Mike! Don’t forget your respirator!