Life Sized LEGO Portrait

This is one of the amazing offerings by LEGO Jedi Master Nathan Sawaya: a life-size three-dimensional portrait, done entirely in LEGO bricks! Sawaya actually offered custom LEGO People through last year’s Neiman Marcus holiday catalog, for $60,000 each. But if you missed out on that great deal, you will just have to do it yourself, I guess. 🙂

Life Sized LEGO People

Life Sized LEGO People

As a mother who has stepped on her share of sharp, pointy LEGO pieces left on the floor by her children, I can’t help but wonder where Nathan Sawaya keeps his bricks. I hope he remembers to clean them up when he’s done!

To see more of Sawaya’s superb LEGO creations, visit his site here.

Really, CNN? That’s your top story?

This is what I saw when I checked my CNN headlines widget a few minutes ago:

Jessica Simpson's Bosom is the Top Story?

Jessica Simpson's Bosom is the Top Story?

Did you see the headline for the Top Story? “Jessica Simpson finds a bosom buddy…”

Oh. My. Goodness. I don’t know whether to be amused and relieved that there’s nothing more important than Jessica’s bosom in the news at the moment, or annoyed at CNN for leading with such a ridiculous headline. A bit of both, I guess.

And since you’re probably dying to know what the story is about, here’s the blurb:

Jessica Simpson and Dolly Parton have found more to bond over than their blonde locks and country crooning. The famously busty pair found common ground this week over the difficulties of having an ample bosom.

So there you have it. Now you know. You’re welcome. 😛