Bella Twilight Shop gives free stuff to Facebook friends!

Bella Twilight Shop logo logo. Click to view full size.

Hello, dear Facebook friends!!!! Thank you for your support and friendship, and for helping surpass 2100 fans on FB!!

To celebrate this milestone, we wanted to take a world tour and meet you all in person!!! But, since that plan didn’t work out, we decided to give away some free stuff in a logo photo contest instead. We can’t come to you, but you can kinda show us around your neighborhood! Here’s how it works:

  1. Become a “Fan” or “Like” Bella Twilight Shop on FB.
  2. Print out the logo attached to this note. Add some hearts or doodles or stickers to the page if you like. Make it your own. 🙂
  3. Take the logo out on the town, and snap a photo of yourself and your friends having fun with Bella Twilight Shop! Take us to your school, your mall, your special meadow, your backyard, wherever! Be creative!
  4. Upload your photos of yourself holding the Bella Twilight Shop logo, and be sure to tag yourself!
  5. I will evaluate the photos, choose the winners, and send out the prizes. I’m the judge, and my decisions are final. Make me smile!
  6. Maybe there should be some fine print in the rules here, but let’s just say you should use common sense and be nice. Don’t do anything dangerous or disgusting with our logo.
  7. This contest is open to people in the USA, Canada, and other countries, as long as it is legal in those countries.

Prizes will include Bella Bracelet, Team Jacob Charm Bracelet, Wolf Pack Tattoo Necklace, Twilight Sweethearts Candy, Bella Twilight Shop Wristbands, Bleeding Heart Bookmark, Find Your Own Vampire t-shirt, and more!!

Good luck, and thanks again!!!!! Peace, love, Twilight!

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