Summer Vacation, Already? Inconceivable!

Wading and Camping at Turquoise Lake

How did this happen? My kids will be out of school in a day and a half, and then we’ll have a whole summer of family togetherness. Every day, we’ll be together for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Plus, since the days are so long and beautiful, and the sun doesn’t set until almost 9 p.m., we’ll have extra quality time in the evenings!

I love my children to bits. All three of them. Really, they are my greatest joy in life.

But there is a limit to the amount of time a person can spend in the presence of so much joy. Seriously!

We have plans for swim lessons, camping, a family reunion, and visits from grandparents to help occupy the hours this summer. I’m looking forward to (almost) all of it. 🙂 What do you have planned for the long summer days? Any favorite activities or tips to prevent the “Mom, I’m bored!” doldrums?

What Does a Mom Smell Like? Kids Say Some Funny Stuff…

Fracas perfume bottle

Fracas, my favorite perfume

My five year-old daughter watched me getting ready one morning. She observed me brushing my hair, applying make-up and getting dressed. As I spritzed on a bit of my favorite perfume (Fracas by Robert Piguet), she said…

Hey, Mom? I know why you use that. It’s so you can smell good. Like bananas and cheese!

Well, I don’t think there is any banana extract or cheese essence in my favorite fragrance, but maybe my little girl has a future in weird perfumery… 🙂

Handmade “Bag End Hobbit Hole Dollhouse” is Geek Bliss

Bag End miniature dollhouse

Bag End Hobbit Hole by Maddie Chambers

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my geeky mom friends out there! I have a quick site to share with you today, which is guaranteed to make your geek heart happy.

Fellow mom and admitted geek, Maddie Chambers, created this beautiful miniature version of Bag End, and she has posted photos and descriptions on her blog.

Her attention to detail, from the design on the rug to the food on the table, will warm the little hobbit holes of your heart. Check out the fireplace, which she made from her own backyard stone, and the barrel of Longbottom Leaf pipeweed in the pantry. Also, notice the stained glass windows, miniature statues of Sam and Frodo, Gimli’s axes, and Baggins family tree… It is all wonderful and amazing!

Thank you, Maddie, for undertaking this project and sharing it with us. Happy Mother’s Day to you!

Maddie Chambers and Bag End dollhouse

Maddie Chambers and Bag End dollhouse