Geek Mom Reviews: SmarTouch Gloves

smarTouch gloves

smarTouch gloves

The people from Isotoner sent me a pair of new smarTouch gloves to test! In case you haven’t heard of these gloves, they are designed for use with touch screens. So if you’ve ever tried using a touch screen phone, GPS system, or anything else in the cold weather, you will appreciate the smarTouch concept.

The smarTouch gloves are constructed with “conductive thread” on the index fingers and thumbs, so you can use your touch screen without taking them off. I put the gloves to the test with my iPhone, and was pleasantly surprised that they actually worked. My hands are a bit small, and I needed to adjust the fit to make sure my fingers went all the way to the tips of the gloves for good conductivity. Once I had them on properly, they worked well. I was able to swipe my phone awake, tap for apps, phone dialing, etc.

I would stop short of saying that the phone responded equally as well to the smarTouch gloves as my naked hands, but that’s to be expected. And as far as gloves go, these are comfortable, soft, stretchy and flexible. I would definitely use them for cold weather hand protection, for all-purpose wear and driving. The ability to use my phone without taking them off is just an extra perk!

The technical details on the gloves are available here, and you can buy them at lots of stores already. They are made in a variety of colors, for both men and women. Overall, I’ll give them a 4 out of 5.

Disclosure: I received a free pair of gloves. 🙂