Stuck in the Snow… Have a Laugh at my Expense

Well, here in Colorado, we had an amazingly warm December with a green/brown Christmas. I knew we’d get our winter weather eventually, and it has arrived during the last few weeks. It’s beautiful, as long as we don’t have to work outdoors. My kids have had some snow days lately, and today they were back at school, despite their hopes that the six inches of fresh snow would cause another cancellation…

photo of snow on our trees

Snowy trees in the front yard

Today, my husband worked from home, so he didn’t have to drive on the snow and ice. On the other hand, I had to drive my kids to and from school. The neighborhood roads are still covered with several inches of leftover, frozen slush, topped with the fresh snow we got last night. My minivan is pretty reliable, but it’s not all-wheel drive, and there’s a bit of a snow barrier at the end of the driveway, piled up by the snow plow. Can you picture the scene? Here’s what happened…

I was leaving to retrieve my third grader this afternoon, and as I went out the door, had this conversation with Hubby… Enjoy.

Me: I’m leaving. I’ll be back in a few minutes.
Hubby: What are you wearing on your feet?
Me: Birkenstocks. I’m not getting out of the car.

Hubby: What if you get stuck in the snow?
Me: Then I’ll call you to come rescue me. Don’t jinx me!
Minutes later, I got stuck at the bottom of the driveway and had to call Hubby to dig/push my van out of the snow bank.

We had a giggle over this… Hope you laughed, too. 🙂 Stay warm!