Geek Chic: Top Ten Celebrities in Nerdy Glasses

Nerd glasses aren’t just for nerds anymore! I love the way geek chic is making its way into celebrity lifestyles. Here are photos of ten famous people, sporting less-than-stylish specs, and still looking hot. Enjoy!

#10: Josh Groban wore glasses while filling in for Regis Philbin, on Live with Regis & Kelly.
Josh Groban wears glasses

Josh Groban in glasses from

#9: Justin Bieber sports the nerdy look. Do glasses look better with bangs?
Justin Bieber glasses

Justin Bieber in glasses from

#8: Tina Fey defines “smart and sexy.”
Tina Fey in glasses

Tina Fey's glasses from

#7: Justin Timberlake makes the nerdy look work.

Justin Timberlake's glasses from Wireimage

#6 and #5: Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. The couple that nerds together… I can’t think of a rhyme.
Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

Ashton and Demi in glasses via

#4: Joe Jonas seems quite fond of the thick frames.
Joe Jonas in glasses

Joe Jonas in glasses via

#3: Jay-Z. I wonder if the guy behind him made fun of his glasses. See that shiner? Just kidding, Mr. Z.
Jay-Z in glasses

Jay-Z in glasses via

#2: Megan Fox almost looks like a nerd, but not quite.
Megan Fox in glasses

Megan Fox in glasses, by Michael Bezjian

#1: Johnny Depp makes any accessory look sexy!
Johnny Depp in glasses

Johnny Depp in glasses via


Jewelry for Geeks and Gamers: Personalized Dog Tags and COD Charms

personalized dog tags

My game-inspired dog tags

I’ve been inspired by my obsession with Call of Duty, and by the many awesome gaming girlfriends I’ve made while playing online. I thought it would be fun to put something game-related into my jewelry design, and here are a couple of things I came up with: personalized dog tags, and Call of Duty inspired charms.

I put my name on one tag, and team name G33KGIRLZ on the other. To make the tags look a bit more rustic, I gave them a brushed finish and hammered the edges a little. Perfect! Polished the tags with jewelry wax and strung them on stainless steel chain. I love the way they look! Slightly battle-worn, but still shiny. 🙂 Fun for a boy or a girl!

I also found some cute pewter charms and pendants to go with the Call of Duty theme. Combat boots, machine guns, grenades, and more. I’m working on putting them together on necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. I’ve opened an etsy shop for these, so if you’re interested, go check it out! Geek and Gamer Stuff. I’ll be adding more items soon.