Bacon Cooking Alarm Clock! Wake n’ Bacon by Matty Sallin

bacon alarm clock

Wake n' Bacon alarm clock

I was watching Regis & Kelly this morning, which was actually Kelly & Josh Groban. Josh mentioned his alarm clock, which starts cooking bacon a few minutes before wake-up time, so you awaken to the delicious aroma of sizzling bacon! Of course, I had to look it up.

I wasn’t able to find a place to purchase the clock online, but I did track down the origin of this brilliant bacon invention! It’s called the Wake n’ Bacon, and it is part of Matty Sallin‘s portfolio of innovative products.

Here is Matty’s description of the Wake n’ Bacon:

An alarm clock that wakes you up with the smell of cooking bacon instead of a buzzer. The aroma wakes you up, then you can open the oven component and eat the bacon itself.

How could you stay asleep with bacon sizzling on your nightstand?? Even if you manage to sleep through the bacon, you won’t be able to ignore the clamoring of your family members and the slobbering of your dog, as they climb over you to steal breakfast out of your clock!

Best wishes to Matty Sallin. I raise a crispy strip in salute to you! I hope you find a way to get the bacon clock into production!

Songs for the Days of the Week

Stephen Colbert Jimmy Fallon singing Friday

Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, and friends

With the recent popularity and/or infamy of Rebecca Black’s YouTube video “Friday,” I got to wondering whether there are songs about every day of the week. The short answer is “yes,” and I’ll provide names below. However, there are also good reasons you’ve never heard some of these songs. Worse than “Friday?” You be the judge.

Sunday: “Sunday,” by Nick Drake, is a good Sunday morning groove. Quiet, but not a lullaby. Acoustic guitar, fairly peaceful, pleasant, vanilla. Kind of like white noise, but with more pitch. It’s a bit “meh.”

Monday: “Monday, Monday” is a classic weekday song by The Mamas & the Papas. And to my ear, it’s preferable to “Manic Monday,” by The Bangles.

Tuesday: “Tuesday,” by Yaz. This one doesn’t do anything for me. But maybe you’ll like it. There aren’t as many Tuesday-titled songs to choose from, compared to other days. Maybe Tuesday is just uninspiring to songwriters.

Wednesday: “Wednesday,” by Tori Amos. If you listened to Tori in the 90s, you might be expecting an angsty wail on Wednesday. But this track is quieter, with little bits of waltz and some fun piano riffs.

Thursday: Well, I take back what I said about Tuesday being uninspiring. There are even fewer songs about Thursday! Here are two for your consideration. This one, “Thursday,” by Jim Croce, I’d actually listen to. This one, “Thursday,” by Youngblood Brass Band, is not my bag, baby. Maybe Rebecca Black needs to write a new Thursday song. Did I really just suggest that?

Friday: You’ve already heard “Friday,” as Rebecca Black sings it. I don’t even need to link it here. Instead, I’ll post a video of my favorite version of “Friday,” as performed by Stephen Colbert on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon! The good thing about this version? It’s hilarious, and it makes me smile every time I watch it. The bad thing? It gets that darned “Friday” song stuck in my head…

Saturday: “Saturday,” by Fall Out Boy, is an upbeat contemporary pop sounding song. Good for afternoon frisbee, I think. For later in the evening, you can’t beat the classic “Saturday Night,” by the Bay City Rollers. It’s not a fantastic musical composition, but you can’t help singing along to the “S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT!” part, and it also helps you remember how to spell “Saturday.” Best enjoyed in the company of friends. 🙂

Did I miss your favorite day-of-the-week song? Please leave a comment and share!

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GeekMom Reviews: Plush Pets Integrate With Xbox Kinectimals Game

kinectimals plush white tiger

Kinectimals Plush White Tiger

Back in December, my family received an Xbox 360 Kinect system. One of my daughter’s favorite games is Kinectimals, which lets her play with and care for a virtual animal.

Recently, we received an addition to our Kinectimals virtual pet family. A White Tiger cub, which my daughter (6 years old) named “Stripey,” is a cute little plush toy, complete with whiskers. She was so excited when she unwrapped Stripey! When I told her we could scan Stripey’s nametag with the Kinect sensor, she could hardly wait to see what would happen.

We fired up the Xbox and started the Kinectimals game. She navigated right to the scan rock and after a couple of her wiggly tries, I scanned the tiger’s tag for her. The game recognized the code and *poof* unlocked a virtual white tiger for her! Another Stripey! She was thrilled!

white tiger plush pal

White tiger unlocked in game

The Plush Pals are a fun addition to the Kinectimals game. It’s nice to have a soft, fuzzy, huggable toy to go along with the virtual pet in the game. I think any child who enjoys playing Kinectimals will be thrilled to receive a new Plush Pal to squeeze in person, and to unlock within the game as well. There are five new Kinectimals plush pals, available at Toys “R” Us and Target for $11.99. New animals, including the Canadian Lynx and Jaguarundi, will be released later this year.

The animals are small enough to fit into an Easter basket, and won’t melt in kids’ hands, get smeared into carpet, or cause a sugar-high frenzied rampage. Cheers! 🙂

Disclosure: I received 2 plush pals to review for this article.