Songs for the Days of the Week

Stephen Colbert Jimmy Fallon singing Friday

Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, and friends

With the recent popularity and/or infamy of Rebecca Black’s YouTube video “Friday,” I got to wondering whether there are songs about every day of the week. The short answer is “yes,” and I’ll provide names below. However, there are also good reasons you’ve never heard some of these songs. Worse than “Friday?” You be the judge.

Sunday: “Sunday,” by Nick Drake, is a good Sunday morning groove. Quiet, but not a lullaby. Acoustic guitar, fairly peaceful, pleasant, vanilla. Kind of like white noise, but with more pitch. It’s a bit “meh.”

Monday: “Monday, Monday” is a classic weekday song by The Mamas & the Papas. And to my ear, it’s preferable to “Manic Monday,” by The Bangles.

Tuesday: “Tuesday,” by Yaz. This one doesn’t do anything for me. But maybe you’ll like it. There aren’t as many Tuesday-titled songs to choose from, compared to other days. Maybe Tuesday is just uninspiring to songwriters.

Wednesday: “Wednesday,” by Tori Amos. If you listened to Tori in the 90s, you might be expecting an angsty wail on Wednesday. But this track is quieter, with little bits of waltz and some fun piano riffs.

Thursday: Well, I take back what I said about Tuesday being uninspiring. There are even fewer songs about Thursday! Here are two for your consideration. This one, “Thursday,” by Jim Croce, I’d actually listen to. This one, “Thursday,” by Youngblood Brass Band, is not my bag, baby. Maybe Rebecca Black needs to write a new Thursday song. Did I really just suggest that?

Friday: You’ve already heard “Friday,” as Rebecca Black sings it. I don’t even need to link it here. Instead, I’ll post a video of my favorite version of “Friday,” as performed by Stephen Colbert on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon! The good thing about this version? It’s hilarious, and it makes me smile every time I watch it. The bad thing? It gets that darned “Friday” song stuck in my head…

Saturday: “Saturday,” by Fall Out Boy, is an upbeat contemporary pop sounding song. Good for afternoon frisbee, I think. For later in the evening, you can’t beat the classic “Saturday Night,” by the Bay City Rollers. It’s not a fantastic musical composition, but you can’t help singing along to the “S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT!” part, and it also helps you remember how to spell “Saturday.” Best enjoyed in the company of friends. 🙂

Did I miss your favorite day-of-the-week song? Please leave a comment and share!

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