Firefly Drinking Songs? YES!

Marc Gunn

Marc Gunn

I don’t remember how I found this music, but I’m so glad I did! If you’re a fan of the prematurely-discontinued television series Firefly, and the subsequent fandom-fueled movie Serenity, you have to check out this album!

Musician Marc Gunn, “The Celtfather,” has masterfully combined the sound of folksy pub songs with Firefly/Serenity -inspired lyrics, and come up with a delightfully rough and rollicking set of Firefly Drinking Songs! Marc gave me the mp3s to listen to and review. Lucky me!

Track Listing:

  1. Monahan’s Mudder’s Milk
  2. Somanbulant Intro
  3. Hush, Now Little Citizen
  4. Bring Me Home, Boys
  5. Kaylee
  6. O Susannah
  7. Fruity Oaty Bars
  8. Browncoats Keep Flyin’
  9. It’s Good to Have Jayne on Your Side
  10. A Drop of Reever Blood
  11. Whiskey in the Jar
  12. Libertas Sumptus Intro
  13. Freedom Costs
  14. Hero of Canton

My favorite of the lot is “A Drop of Reever Blood.” It’s not the most sophisticated tune. In fact, it’s extremely simple, easy to sing, and repetitive. But that’s what makes it the perfect “Firefly Drinking Song!” It’s the perfect song to sing with a group of friends, even if they’re not good singers. It tells a story, one verse at a time. It’s flexible and forgiving, and you can make up your own part. What more could you want in a drinking song?!

This collection of songs will delight true Browncoats, and will likely leave other listeners puzzled. If you remember the stories from the Firefly ‘verse, you will chuckle at the little bits of humor in the lyrics. If you’re looking for sophistication and polished poetry, go find something else.

The verdict? “Firefly Drinking Songs” is a must-buy for fans of Firefly and Serenity. Listen to it with your Browncoat friends on your next road trip to Miranda, or while munching on your Fruity Oaty Bars and deciding which weapons to bring on the heist. Some grenades would be nice right about now. Let’s have no undue fussin’.

About Marc Gunn, in his own words:

That’s me! I’m an an acoustic Celtic folk musician with a twisted sense of humor. My songs may not all sound “Celtic”, but they are based firmly in the tradition… even the ones about cats, hobbits or Firefly.

I think he’s my kind of guy. Cheers!