I made this! Skyrim-inspired Helmet/Beanie/Hat

Skyrim helmet crocheted beanie

My handmade Skyrim "helmet" beanie

Happy New Year, everybody! I have a new addiction to confess: SKYRIM! It’s an amazing role-playing game, with a huge story, beautiful landscapes, lush soundtrack, interesting characters, and DRAGONS! The game is too big to describe here, but let me say this: it is immersive, and it sucks you right in!

Between Skyrim sessions (while my hubby was playing), I was inspired to design a “helmet” like the Iron Helmet in the video game. Here’s what I came up with! My very own Skyrim-inspired beanie, made with my own little hands. What do you think?

I posted a couple of photos on my Facebook page, and some people asked about buying the Skyrim hat. So I’ve put a listing in my Etsy shop (Skyrim inspired “Iron Helmet” with horns) if anybody’s interested.