Can Video Games Help Improve Health?

Video games have been taking heat for keeping kids on the couch, when they could be exercising. But there is evidence that certain types of video games can be helpful for physical therapy and other health improvements! What do you think?

Do you use video games for exercise, fitness, or therapy? Leave a comment!

How Video Games Improve Health
Source: Big Fish Games


Be Careful What You Tweet (a funny thing happened on the way to Comic Con)

From my Twitter feed today, a hilarious exchange between Felicia Day and some unsuspecting fans, on the train to Comic Con in San Diego.

@feliciaday: “…I’m into Furry fandom…” #awesomethingsyouhearontheSDCCtrain

@irishmidz: @feliciaday feel free to join our conversation 😀 @feliciaday: “…I’m into Furry fandom…” #awesomethingsyouhearontheSDCCtrain

@feliciaday: @irishmidz oh crap are you sitting in front of me? Hahahaa

@irishmidz: @feliciaday yes – 😀 we all love you at this table – big fans but letting you travel in peace

@feliciaday: @irishmidz lol! I just got owned over Twitter! We should take a picture I can post for everyone to enjoy my own age!!!! 🙂

@irishmidz: @feliciaday that would be so awesome :

@feliciaday: RE: Furry quote, be careful Tweeting something you OH on a train, the person might follow you. @irishmidz #ownedme? 🙂