Be Careful What You Tweet (a funny thing happened on the way to Comic Con)

From my Twitter feed today, a hilarious exchange between Felicia Day and some unsuspecting fans, on the train to Comic Con in San Diego.

@feliciaday: “…I’m into Furry fandom…” #awesomethingsyouhearontheSDCCtrain

@irishmidz: @feliciaday feel free to join our conversation 😀 @feliciaday: “…I’m into Furry fandom…” #awesomethingsyouhearontheSDCCtrain

@feliciaday: @irishmidz oh crap are you sitting in front of me? Hahahaa

@irishmidz: @feliciaday yes – 😀 we all love you at this table – big fans but letting you travel in peace

@feliciaday: @irishmidz lol! I just got owned over Twitter! We should take a picture I can post for everyone to enjoy my own age!!!! 🙂

@irishmidz: @feliciaday that would be so awesome :

@feliciaday: RE: Furry quote, be careful Tweeting something you OH on a train, the person might follow you. @irishmidz #ownedme? 🙂