Great Failed Predictions

Here’s an interesting infographic for you. It’s entitled “Missing the Mark: Favorite Failed Guesses, from Pop Culture to Serious Thinkers.” It includes some of the best past predictions, some of which came to pass, and others that came nowhere near being realized.

It’s always fun to look back and remember what people thought the future would be like. I’m still waiting and hoping for my robotic housekeeper and flying car!

great predictions



Need a Nap?

As any mother knows, once you have children, you have to do twice the work on half the sleep you used to. If you’re like me, you might feel guilty lying down during the day to catch a nap. I call it “sleep guilt.” It’s the feeling I get from resting when I should be working, like everybody else…

Well here’s an interesting infographic that might help you feel better about napping. Not only is it good for alleviating sleepiness from nighttime sleep deprivation, napping can also improve clarity, motor learning, bone/muscle repair, and memory. Who couldn’t use more of that good stuff?

So take a look at the case for napping, and then go lie down for a little while. You could use a few minutes to rest!

Benefits of naps

Infographic via Mashable and photo via flickr

Woot Adds Tool and Garden

generator-wootI’m a big fan of, the popular one-day one-deal shopping site. I’ve purchased several items from various departments of Woot (including home.woot and shirt.woot). Today, Woot announced the addition of a new department for tools and garden supplies:

Lest you think tools.woot is the same as home.woot, here is an explanation for you:

There are a lot of ways to look at it. You could say Tools & Garden is about building your space and Home is about how you live in that space. You could say Tools & Garden sells hard stuff and Home sells soft stuff. You could say Tools & Garden sells discarded avocado pits and Home sells custom oil-paint portraits of your dolls, but in that case you’d be wrong.

That generator is today’s deal at Tools and Garden, so if you need one, go get it. The deal only lasts for one day. That’s how we geeks woot. Cheers!