Easter LEGO Creations

LEGO bricks are classic toys, and they’re truly perfect for kids of all ages! Recently, I met fellow grown-up LEGO enthusiast, Carlo Pandian. Carlo put together a collection of cool Easter LEGO creations, and he offered to let me share them here. Enjoy these amazing builds, and get inspired about your next LEGO project!

6 Unique Easter-Themed LEGO Sculptures

There are a few holidays that seem to have a bigger presence for LEGO creations than others. This is in part due to the fact that many of these holidays have to do with giving something to someone else. The winter holidays are probably the most obvious with all the presents that change hands. Halloween has its tricks and treats while Valentine’s Day has surprises for loved ones. If you subscribe to the Easter basket idea, you have a lot of room for creativity and, of course, more gifts.

Bunnies seem like an obvious choice at this point. As you will soon see, there is room for much more than floppy ears and bushy tails. The real question should be, “Where do you start?”

Some view Easter as an outdoor event. All the egg hunts and picnics are hard to resist. What happens when the weather is bad? You could always head inside and find something fun for the whole family to work on. Of course the builders here took this idea to a whole new level. They turned their passion for building and made it a festive event.

Easter Egg Hunt

First up is an Easter Egg Hunt made by Nathan Sawaya with help from the Lancaster Museum of Art. Sawaya built over 500 LEGO eggs. They were then hidden throughout the museum along with regular plastic eggs. Each egg could be taken apart by the kids that found them. The eggs were built in a variety of colors.

Easter bunny and basket

Easter bunny and basket

Easter Egg


LEGO Easter Egg

You may not have access to a famous builder at your museum to make special eggs. Thankfully, David Luders has come to the rescue. He gives fans step-by-step instructions on how to build your very own Easter egg. This project uses a very interesting layering method that creates an uncanny realism to every egg.

Flower Basket


LEGO Flower Basket

Easter means spring time and nothing says spring like a flower basket. Horhat Razvan has built an absolutely gorgeous model depicting a flower basket. From the elegant designs to the careful color selection, Horhat’s design is so much more impressive since it needs to look good from all angles. It also has the added bonus of being hypo-allergenic.

Mini Chick


Mini LEGO Chicks

You don’t have to go big in your creations. Jen demonstrates this with the Mini Chick. This petite model not only shows a clever design, but clearly embraces the Easter spirit. All those eggs have to come and lead some where. This model not only connects to this, but can most likely fit in one of the eggs for a double special surprise.

Carrot and Egg

LEGO Easter egg and carrot

LEGO Easter egg and carrot

Sometimes all you need is a symbol, or maybe a sign that someone famous stopped by. The builder known as atotheh has created a spectacular couple of items that fit the bill perfectly. Not only do you have the iconic painted egg, but there is a carrot. It’s a good bet that the Easter Bunny has either stopped by and forgot his lunch or is possibly still in the area.

Easter Bunny


LEGO Bunny and Easter Eggs

It has been hinted at this entire blog and now he’s here. However, not just anyone can make an epic bunny. Therefore, you have to go to the Master Builder at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Dallas Forth Worth to find a model built to impress. This is truly the center piece of any Easter display.

potraitAuthor Carlo Pandian is an adult fan of LEGO and freelance writer, and has previously published on The Brick Blogger, Bricks of The Death, and Socialyzer. Follow him @carlopandian

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