Geeky Gift Ideas

You may be shopping for some special nerds this Christmas, and it can be hard to find a great gift that suits those geeky preferences. I have a couple of ideas that might be useful for you.

Recently, I had the opportunity to review a couple of products from Uncommon Goods, and learn about the company and its philosophy. Uncommon Goods has an interesting selection of crafty products that appeal to a wide variety of interests. And if you like the idea of supporting US artisans, being good to the environment and animal-friendly, you’ll feel good about shopping Uncommon Goods. Half of their products are handmade and 30% include recycled or upcycled materials.

Periodic Table Building Blocks

Periodic Table Building Blocks

And besides all of that feel-good and politically-correct stuff, these gifts are just plain cool! See all kinds of Christmas gifts here.

For the mini-geek in your life, check out these lovely periodic table building blocks. My daughter is nine years old, and she broke these open and starting sorting them by color, and then built them into pyramids and towers. The blocks are well-made, and the faces are lovely and smooth. The 118 elements of the Periodic Table are represented on the blocks, and their names and atomic weights are printed in non-toxic inks.

For more geeky gifts, visit this page:

Wooden Arithmetic Puzzle

Wooden Arithmetic Puzzle

For a more mathematically-advanced recipient, take a look at Aristotle’s Number Puzzle. It’s kind of like a sudoku puzzle, where you arrange the numbers so they add up to the same sum in every row. It’s a challenging brainteaser, and it looks pretty on a table. I love that kids and grandparents can work on this together without batteries or screens. Math is fun!

If you’re interested in more unique gifts, browse some more great ideas here:

Have fun checking out these products, and if you have other suggestions for geeky gift ideas, please let me know! I’m always interested in new toys and games that make learning fun for everyone!


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