Five Cute Star Wars Fan Art Panels

I’m getting quite excited about the upcoming premier of STAR WARS: EPISODE VII THE FORCE AWAKENS. From the video clips, news releases, production photos, and general buzz, it sounds like it will be amazing! The movie will be in US theaters December 18, 2015.

Until then, I’m reading all about it, and looking for other Star Wars related stuff to share. Here are some unofficial, sometimes non-traditional/non-canon pieces of Star Wars fan art that I want to feature.

These belong to the artists who created them, and they are simply adorable. Click to view larger images, and enjoy!
Star Wars – Smile by Renny08 on DeviantArt
Chibi Ordo for JadeRaven93 by Evolvana on DeviantArt
Cute Star Wars Sketches by Casemanartist on DeviantArt
more Star Wars fanart by oomizuao on DeviantArt
Kawaii Star Wars by kepalakardus on DeviantArt